Sunday, April 23, 2017


American money is one of the most uninteresting currencies in the world. I mean even with the up coming change for the $20 dollar bill. Heck Canada ya know them nice quiet folks that live upstairs? Well they have some of the most weird, and colorful wads in the world.

Them African countries have dough that's always interesting, and amusing. Some printed on only one side, and they tend to change what with astronomical inflation out there. There was even one with a UFO on it. Seems the local President for Life or till the next Coup was a space alien fan.

...good for him.

Anyway the above  is a modest proposal to jazz up the scratch we carry around. I have an idea for a $13 dollar bill with a homeless family huddled on the front, and a foreclosed home on the back. I'd put Walt Whitman on the $7 dollar bill. Bart Simpson on the $60, and Lenny Bruce on the $150 buck ticket.

All garishly colored in the style of Peter Max of course.

(...more on this as I think about ways to abolish the whole ridiculous idea of money in the first place.)

Stay Tuned.

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