Monday, July 25, 2016

"Our Lives"

I'm certain that in other lives I was a warrior. That, and a mother many times. Many lives with great broods of loud wild wonderful children. I think this is my first life in a big city. I have this feeling about wilderness, and sometimes farms. 

My family had a dairy farm down south long ago. If things were just slightly different I'd have been down there running the place with my brother. Though my brother is gone now. So I suppose I'd be about ready to hand it over to either his or my sons. 

We are so many people so many realities so many lives that are faintly dreams on waking. We wake, and a whole life is on the tip of our souls,...then gone.

Stay Tuned.

"Dreams, and Whispers"

“The Mass—and I mean every single Mass—is heaven on earth.” – Scott Hahn (The Lamb's Supper)

Here's my problem. So many religions have a similar "Chart" as above. What their rituals look like, and what it really is beyond human senses. Basically spiritual feudalism. Which is no surprise this was the political system in which the "Chart" at least for western Christians was envisioned during.

My whole argument with religion is that it's a man-made institution. 

Eastern Western all of them. There's a reason the spiritual realms...if real, are called "...The Unknown Country". We just don't know. Mystics may have had glimpses, but even those are suspect. The only things we have are cryptic words or phrases that may or may not have been uttered by prophets saints or the Divine. 

Well that or our subjective experiences. 

Mine tell me that something 'is' going on...I just don't know really what. Other than as I've said, "We seem to be part of something Vast, and Wonderful." 

In this I in no way mean to demean the faith of others in their religion. Though man-made I will go as far to say that these institutions may well have been touched by realms beyond ours. The Eucharist the Kabbalah the Four Winds etc. 

It's just that these organizations are as frail fallible, and questionable as we as individuals are. Yes I infer that just as institutions made by humans can have a Divine touch so of course can we as individual persons. 

This all this of course is heresy in all the Abrahamic faiths, and most of the eastern ones...I think I get a break from a few of the Buddhist ones. However if it turns out to be just as the dear Nuns taught us. Well I'm sure that Upper management will have a broad sense of humor about all this. endeth the Sermon.

Stay Tuned.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Back during the Ice Age when me, and Fred Flintstone were little kids. I used to think that all the granite skyscrapers on the New York City Skyline were made of Graham crackers. This before the our sky was blotted out by hundreds of glass, and steel disasters waiting to happen.

Glass Box construction methods plus 9/11 anyone?

Right. Anyway I really thought buildings were made of various forms of candy, and crackers...made sense. Well if you were 5 or 6 it did. I thought those big doors on the walls of the Holland tunnel were made from dark Chocolate as well.
The cables holding up all the bridges were a kind of taffy, and the tops the roofs of the old subway trains were made from coal. I mean they sure looked like it.

Well of course it turned out that them doors in the Holland Tunnel are made of liquorice. That, and the old skyscrapers are made of pasta as are the bridge cables.

The roofs of old subways were in fact made from coal, and all the big bridges made from giant Chinese erector sets. Makes perfect sense.

Btw I should have committed all this to paper years ago. I got beat out by some jerk that turned it into a children's book, and made a zillion bucks.


Oh one more thing...the seats on the buses, and subways are as many have suspected made from meat. This explains the smell in summer.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Red October"

While I was otherwise engaged it seems some history happened. The President of the United States of America visited Cuba.

For a boomer like me this is a big bleeping the fall of the Berlin Wall where innocents trying to escape the grey heartlessness of failed revolutions were shot down like dogs.

Like having the architects of the Vietnam war coming forward. Those like Robert McNamara.... Him, and others admitting their lies. Acknowledging it was a failure from the beginning. A million+ Vietnamese, and 50,000+ Americans slaughtered in that war.  All that Death, and our nation brutally divided for nothing...Nothing.

All the assassinations of that era.

All of it.

Now this. The perhaps final correction to all those arrogant blood splattered mistakes. This mistake, the Cuban Missile Crisis, that nearly killed the Northern Hemisphere in Nuclear Fire sleeps at last.

When Air Force One touched down in Havana. Touched down at Jose Marti International Airport one of the last pieces of the Cold War was laid to rest. Those in my age cohort lived to see it.

An end of an era of power aggression, and blind arrogance by two World Superpowers holding the whole world hostage to their extreme obsessions.

...and so another age begins.

( An observation.)

I've given thought to what would have happened to me, and mine had the bombs had fallen during that long ago October. My parents would have never grown old my brother myself, and sisters would have never grown up. We all for the past 54 years would have been blast shadows on a wall in Brooklyn.

Stay Tuned.

"The Horse"

Here's a story. My dad grew up on a farm down South. One day he saw a man beating a horse he was making to haul a load too big for the animal.

Well dad took the whip out of the guys hand...yeah he was using a whip. ...

Well then guy took a swing at dad...missed, and my dad then beat the crap out of him,...'and' warned him he'd get more if he saw him doing that sort of thing again. My father hated cruelty of all kinds. He passed that on to all us kids.


Stay Tuned.